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The first Portuguese Touch Rugby Cup Final took place on Saturday, April 13, integrated into the program of the Portugal Rugby Youth Festival. Agrária de Coimbra and Técnico de Lisboa competed for the trophy, with the team from Coimbra taking home the trophy after an 8-6 win. The President of the Portuguese Rugby Federation (Carlos Amado da Silva), the President of the Touch Rugby Association (Amílcar Seco) and the development manager of the Portuguese Rugby Federation (Henrique Garcia) presided over the trophy ceremony.

The Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa, took a long stroll at the Portugal Rugby Youth Festival and stated he places great importance on the spirit of rugby.

Surrounded by a huge crowd of young players from around the world who greeted him cheerfully, Costa revealed a few episodes of his already extensive political life to show the importance he gives to the spirit of rugby. "I noticed that in some moments, at my party, comrades with different political views voted together on certain decisions. I figured it was because they had played rugby together. I realized that there was a great spirit of unity, commitment and loyalty."

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There should be nothing about rugby that impressed Lewis Moody. The English international and Lion has been in all the rugby world's fields, in all the world's changing rooms in many of the great moments of the game and, like the warrior he was and is, he is not a man to be impressed.

This was what we thought while we waited for him at the entrance of the Portugal Rugby Youth Festival, at the University Stadium in Lisbon, the best urban tourist destination in the world.

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Fundamentally, the Portugal Rugby Youth Festival is the ability to make 28 151 people happy in an area of 100 thousand square meters, for 48 hours and 300 games of great excitement.

The most fantastic youth rugby tournament in the world involves these 28 151 people, who belong to "tribes" that arrive at the University Stadium of Lisbon, where the competition takes place, with huge expectations and ambitions.

The 3 000 players who come to play, have fun and reach for the victory are joined by 354 coaches and 118 team leaders.

At the U13 category, 32 teams played, whereas in the U15 category the same happened with 24 teams. The U17 category was played by 24 teams and the U19 by 12 teams.

The women's competition had 7 teams, 4 in the U15 and 3 in the U19 category.

Really excited to be heading to the Portugal Rugby Youth Festival with Dove Men + Care and looking forward to presenting the Spirit of Rugby Award. See you there.

Lewis Moody

The English Rugby International and British & Irish Lion Lewis Moody, Ambassador for Dove Men + Care, will be coming to the Portugal Rugby Youth Festival (PRYF).

Lewis Moody will be present at PRYF on Sunday to interact with the players and supporters at the University Stadium in Lisbon, thanks to the invitation by Dove Men + Care, this year's title sponsor and Premiership Rugby partner. Moody will be presenting the Spirit of Rugby Award, a distinction aimed at players who embody the values of rugby. 

Professor Joaquim Pereira, one of the most legendary Portuguese rugby players, known to the fans of the sport as Quim Pereira, will be honoured with the Medal of Honor to Sporting Merit during this year's edition of the Portugal Rugby Youth Festival.

The tribute will be made in a ceremony to be held on Saturday afternoon at the University Stadium in Lisbon, which will be attended by the Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa.

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